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Short flowy half sleeve dress with two triangular belts with a metal buckle in the front. The skirt is layered with a gathered skirt forming a V shape

FABRIC Printed Chiffon

LINING Plain chiffon

THE PRINT Tiny Tatreez symbols made of of X's shape up a diagonal zebra print, its also encrusted with small roses all made out of the Tatreez cross stitching symbol



Drawing from a year and a half of immersive surf skating, Reema infuses the collection with an electrifying yet refined energy, intertwining structured and flowy elements that capture the essence of movement and protective gear associated with the sport. Padded textures and plush elements invite wearers to embrace their personal journeys while radiating vivacious spirit.

At the heart of the collection lies an exploration of prints challenging conventional notions of harmony. These intricate designs ingeniously mimic visual euphoria, utilizing bold contrasts and merging diverse patterns to create a tapestry of emotion and self-discovery. The play with optical illusion empowers wearers to embrace their uniqueness on a fashion voyage celebrating individuality.

Reemami's fusion of punk-inspired elements, including checks, plaid, and vibrant pink undertones, fused with Palestinian Tatreez symbols, all mashed together to form prints with an exhilarating tone. Accompanied by iconic X's embroidery, the collection becomes a dynamic statement of style and self-expression. 



Palestinian embroidery, has transformed from a traditional craft practiced by village women into a powerful symbol of resilience and resistance for Palestinian women. This rich artistic tradition, passed down through generations, now resonates across all of Palestine and among the diaspora. In Reemami’s latest two collections, Tatreez plays a vital role, drawing inspiration from the X’s and symbols found in Palestinian Tatreez books, which carry profound meaning and resilience.

Beyond its aesthetic value, Tatreez embodies a form of resilience. The intricate symbols woven into its fabric reflect the strength and perseverance of the Palestinian people. Tatreez has historically served as an act of silent resistance, allowing women to preserve their cultural heritage and assert their identity during times of adversity.

In embracing Tatreez, we honor the legacy of Palestinian women, recognizing their pivotal role in preserving culture, fostering
unity, and embodying the spirit of resistance. Keep an eye out for Reemami’s Tatreez designs on the rails; they have been meticulously crafted using watercolor threads and other mediums, bringing to life the enduring narrative of endurance and determination.