A Tin of Olive Oil

As a third culture kid, Reema explores her beautiful Palestinian heritage and Transforms the familiar traditional symbols into fun textile patterns.

The brainchild of third culture family, for the first time ever Al Banna explores her culture and heritage through this collection, inspired from her childhood delicacies, and memories that ties her to her identity as a Palestinian .
Nostalgic memories take a strong hold when coming up with the inspiration of her collection, in one of her prints she pays tribute to her upbringing and the fond memories she has of them, with food, traditional dishes, which was engraved by her family to feel a sense of belonging and freedom.

Stories that remind her of a time where little traditions play a big role such as food, love of horses and gear (saddles), and that sense of freedom.
Palestinian Women refugees contribute to her collection with patchwork that is done by them and unused, creating a new life and telling their stories through a combination of the patchwork and her own designs the collection aims to raise awareness about her own culture and identity as well as the artistic work of the refugees.